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BOSTON FAMILY Saison I, II, III, Author.



Here are some reviews that have touched me a lot. Thank you.


Boston Family season 1

This captivating adventure of an American family takes you through the history of the United States and its industrial revolution.


A real pleasure to read!

I literally devoured this book, such a pleasure. A captivating novel with some very interesting historical references.


Boston Family season 2.

Love it ! Thanks to great historical anecdotes from the 60s in the 50s, you will drink season 2 in one gulp; it is captivating. I now I understand these history lessons from when I was in school.


Boston saga 1 & 2

I loved season one, and season two even more. This touching saga of the Boston Family reads easily and keeps the reader captivated through interesting historical anecdotes. I got three of my friends hooked on Boston Family.



J'ai enfin pu lire le troisième volet de cette passionnante saga qu'est Boston Family.
Les qualités des deux premiers tomes se confirment ici et une fois de plus, le livre se dévore tant il est difficile de s'en extirper une fois qu'on l'a commencé.
Je persiste à penser que ce nouveau-venu parmi les auteurs devrait se faire un nom sous peu.
En résumé voici le troisième et dernier tome d'un passionnant roman en trois épisodes que je recommande à toute personne souhaitant passer un excellent moment de détente et de lecture.
J'espère qu'un prochain roman verra le jour, en tout cas j'ai mis cet auteur sous surveillance pour être immédiatement averti !

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Word from the author

I have always been very passionate about the United States. My career has off and giving you opportunity to travel across north America until I found out about Boston and its region. Nowadays, I share my life between Paris, the south of France, and a literary immature, passionate about history American cars in the cinema, I decided that I would write a novel about the city that took me over.

I was driven by a fierce passion of research when working on the novel which turned out to be a sad gotten three volumes, and the work is now completed.

Personally I love a strong background story. A writing style with a strong rhythm, full of twists and intrigues, she drink characters that are endearing sensitive and often unexpected.I right in the way that I enjoyed reading.

"We laugh we cry… It reads itself… We don't want to put the book down before the end" is the typical comment I have had the pleasure of receiving from readers.

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